Coding city Programming school was a dream in the mind for over a decade but was birthed on 12th on July 12th,2017.
We have been training students around the world and taking company advertising to next level.

To our clients, we are committed to revolutionizing your company digitally.

To our students,you will find out that Coding City programming school is a haven for developing your coding skills.


Consultant Service

Our experts on web technologies and ICT are always available to help profer solutions to your problems anytime anywhere.

Web Development

We develop websites for companies and schools using latest web technolgies that will boost your company online awareness.

Building Applications

We create customized company applications for different devices which reduce online risk by 99 percent using primarily Java among others.

Programming School

We train our students from the rudimentary to the advanced aspect of programming to become professional computer programmers that will compete with world class programmers.

Web Templates

We build and sell website templates. We also sell registered members website templates.

Graphic Design

We design company logos, letterhead, business cards, brochures, flyers, postcards, posters, billboards signs, street signs, store signs and among others.